Perdió 80 kilos; se motivó tras casi ahogarse con su refresco

Feb 11, 2019

Comer comida chatarra de vez en cuando no está mal, sin embargo, convertirlo en un estilo de vida es caminar hacia una muerte lenta y dolorosa.

Esto lo sabe bien Alisysha Mc Nair, una joven de 21 años que a sus 17 llegó a pesar170 kilos.

De acuerdo con información de Mirror, fue víctima de bullying durante mucho tiempo.

Lo peor llegó un día que casi se ahoga bebiendo un refresco.

''Estaba desesperada por cambiar. No podía seguir ninguna dieta. Después de ahogarme un día bebiendo un refresco, tuve que esforzarme por recuperar el aliento, me di cuenta que se trataba de morir o cambiar”.  

A raíz de ello, inició un tratamiento médico y se inscribió a un gimnasio. Poco a poco comenzó a notar pequeños cambios en su cuerpo, que después se convirtieron en transformaciones radicales.

Al terminar el tratamiento,McNair comenzó un curso como entrenadora personal para ayudar a quienes pasan por lo mismo que ella.

''Me siento y me veo completamente diferente, y he decidido convertirme en una entrenadora para ayudar”. 

Aquí te dejamos algunas fotos de su transformación:


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Photo on the left was me at 3 am climbing my first mountain in lake country, I remember how heavy my legs felt, I remember my mind was so powerful I couldn’t stop going I just wanted it so bad and I knew I had to prove to myself that I could do it, I remember telling everyone that I was going to do it and I never did it until one morning I said enough, is enough I drove myself to the bottom of the mountain and hiked my way through the residential at Spion and climbed into the forest. I was determined to never give up my legs felt so heavy but I remember not stopping, it today on the right is me taking a leap, and jump off a cliff into the next chapter of my life giving 110% and never giving up. I’ve noticed throughout my journey, the more you change and self develop the more you have to focus on yourself and what’s best for you even if it means ending relations. I only want positive energy around me, and I’m happy everyday and I refuse to have anything get in my way of my new goals I will be number 1 in everything I do because it’s what I want for myself and I will do whatever it takes to get myself there. I was sad and depressed a couple of months ago and then I made one change and it was changed my life forever, I also found a way to help people become happier, healthier, wealthier, and live there best lives. I’ve found a way to help people lose weight without going through all the hard times I went through and I did it all completely on my own, I taught myself makeup, I taught myself meal prep, I taught myself happiness. I taught myself to fight and I have found something that helps bring motivation to people, and helps them be happy and dedicated that gives them the will and want to keep going. I’m so grateful for it, and I use it everyday and will never go a day without it now. Was the best investment in myself I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to help show others what it’s like to truly be as happy and motivated as myself and help them with there weight loss. If you ever want to know what it is, message me. Because I promise you, you will never regret it I was so skeptical until I saw it change my moms life. Here’s to be happy for the rest of my life?

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CHANGE YOUR LIFE! You want something work for it, you didn’t get to where you are over tonight, it isn’t going to change over tonight but it will change if you stay consistent and not give up. Everyone always asks how did I get to where I did. Hard work. Dedication and time. Everything takes time! I have faith that everyone can do it, if I could do it. Anyone can, I wasn’t supposed to live this long I was so over weight that I could have died if my health was bad but shockingly it was always “healthy” when it came to doctors tests even they were shocked. Everyday feels like a dream and you can achieve this feeling. In order to that though, you need to want it bad enough. You need to be willing to do whatever it takes to change your life. MANIFEST your future. If you can’t vision it, how are you supposed to achieve it! So go vision it today, go chase your dreams! You’re worth it, go be happy! Feel motivate and NEVER give up. I fell back so many times through this journey the reason why I got this far is because I never gave up. It didn’t matter how many people told me I wouldn’t make it this far I kept going, and now people tell me I won’t make it further I’m going to make them eat there own words, because I KNOW I will make it. And I know my team will too. That’s what separates me from what my haters say to what I know. Is I’m insane enough to make every dream of mine come true, the question you need to ask yourself is are you? How bad do you want it? If you want it bad enough. Then let’s go kill it. 2019 it’s our year! Love yourself beautifuls. Have a go-getter mind set, not a I can’t mind set. I “can’t” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary anymore take it away. You CAN and you WILL are going to be your power words to yourself. I love you all have a wonderful day ✨ here’s a little bit of motivation for you guys. From 16/17 - 21

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NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t do it, keep going. If you’re giving 80% give 110% . If you want to lose a certain amount of weight come a certain date, and you don’t show up and put in the work you will not change, for me my example is my job. If I don’t give 110% effort I won’t reach my targets come game day. Same thing goes for fitness I know it’s hard, I know change is scary trust me I’ve been there and I am there but with other areas of my life. Being comfortable won’t get you anywhere you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to change. Tracking everything, meal prepping, going to the gym, being careful of what you do and do not eat is hard yes. But so is feeling gross, being over weight, hating yourself, having no confidence not feeling good in outfits. In my personal opinion which one would you rather have? Yes both are hard but one brings you success and a brighter future. The ultimate choice is yours. But trust me when I say this even though everyone says it, in a year from now you’re going to wish you started today ? ? So GO OUT THERE AND GIVE IT YOUR ALL. If you give it your all you will beat yourself on game day and you will win your victory of whatever your goal may be. Remember that everything takes time but if you keep going and you don’t give up through all those hard times. You’ll make it. I’m living proof of it, everyone thought I was going to die including myself growing up. I attempted suicide 4 times, I got bullied so bad that I dropped out of high school and never went back. Police were involved, school board was involved. No one did a thing, I was pushed down two flights of stairs, I had my bike torn apart and put on the bike rack with no bolts in it so when I sat on it in front of the whole school it broke and I was labeled to “fat to ride a bike” I was told I’d never lose weight, that I would never help others and that I was worthless. I PROVED TO MYSELF , that they were wrong. It’s not your turn. GO PROVE THEM WRONG. It’s not their life, you are living it’s YOURS. You have the power to change it, the question is, how bad do you want it?

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